Client Sessions


All client sessions are currently scheduled remotely due to Carla’s travel schedule. Clients in specific geographic locations will be notified when in-office sessions and classes are available.  

Discover your underlying energy patterns and learn energy medicine exercises specific to your energetic needs.  Together we will clear stuck emotions, reduce stress, and create a plan to best support you.

Please read the following forms before your first scheduled session:

Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of reducing stress, increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing wellness.


Your Body’s Energies. Our bodies are comprised of molecules that are in constant motion and that are continually being influenced by outside forces.  People throughout history and across cultures have described seeing or feeling subtle energies.

Energy Medicine Techniques. The techniques used and taught by Flow & Flourish are based on the premise that by promoting balance and flow in the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies, well-being is enhanced.

The techniques may involve the use of certain postures or movements and may employ specifically calibrated tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, holding, tracing, or circling over/above specified areas of the body. These techniques move, balance, enhance, and restore the body’s energies.

A procedure called “energy testing” may be utilized, where the practitioner applies light pressure to the client’s outstretched arm, sometimes while holding over another area of the body. This is a way of assessing how energies are flowing through specific areas of the body and may help us identify the techniques that will be most beneficial for you. All techniques, including energy testing, may be done in the body’s energy field, without any touching of the body.

Please see the FAQ page for more information about client sessions.